Why buy organic?

We're certified organic through AsureQuality

Anyone can 'say' they are organic, but our AsureQuality organic certification mark gives you absolute confidence that our products have been produced according to organic principles.

Products certified organic by AsureQuality are given a unique organic customer number that enables traceability.

Find out more about AsureQuality organic certification.

Why buy certified organic?

Being certified organic means you can be sure all of our produce, herbs, sprouts, citrus and seedlings are nutritious and free of any harmful chemicals. 

In fact, we’re so serious about making sure our produce is just how nature intended, we refuse to use any sprays on our produce – even certified organic ones.

We're so much more than just another organic farm

The reason we exist is to support people with mental health challenges to gain valuable paid work experience, learn skills and build confidence while they prepare for permanent employment elsewhere. While trainees are working on the farm, they can also study towards NZQA horticulture standards, through our partnership with Primary ITO.