What our customers say

"I have been buying organic vegetables from Hamlin Road Farm for the last 5 years. I grow my own veges but sometimes I can’t grow the range or quantity of Hamlin Road so I buy theirs to supplement mine, especially in winter. The quality and freshness is exceptional; you just can’t buy veges anywhere else like this in the local area certainly. They are picked on the day of collection and chilled so are very fresh. The price is very reasonable for organic veges which need to add a premium for the extra costs involved. Also, they provide work and tuition for people who may otherwise find it hard to get work. I highly recommend them."
– Caroline
"For the past couple of years I have ordered regular produce from the Hamlin Road Farm. I enjoy the variety of produce that can change with the seasons, those delicious bullshorn peppers in the summer and lovely beetroot and fennel in winter months.The green produce, salad mix and spinach last so well in the fridge, up to two weeks (not like the regular ones from the supermarket, which go off quickly). This is great because sometimes I order more than I can eat. The pricing is affordable and the service is great. I am always excited to go and collect my farm order."
– Tina